Attacking Chess by Manthan Chokshi

A beautiful attack leading to checkmate in few moves! Attacking the castled position. Can you find checkmate in 8 moves? Pause the video when instructed and find the solution. Chess is truly a remarkable game. Subscribe to our blog and youtube channel in the link below to get more chess lessons and tips at R.K. Chess online chess coaching platform.

Tactics and chess calculation. Improve your visualization skills.


A place where your child makes the first move! Established by Manthan Chokshi , International Chess player having experience of over 25 years. The school offers group coaching , private coaching, online coaching and has trained many State and National level Champions! We are actively working in reputed schools teaching Chess since 2003. We offer a fun filled experience for your child along with a sound foundation for your child to evolve as a serious Chess player.

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