Chess lesson – Pawn promotion (Chess tactic)

Chess lesson :  Pawn Promotion


  • The Pawn is the least valuable of all the pieces, but it has one feature
    which enhances its value immensely. Pawns have a special ability called pawn promotion. If a pawn reaches the other side (last rank) of the board it can become any other chess piece (called promotion).
  • A pawn may be promoted to Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight.
  • NOTE: A common misconception is that pawns may only be promoted for a piece that has been captured. That is NOT true. Even if you have a queen you can make a second queen.
  • A pawn is usually promoted to a queen since the queen is the strongest piece. Only pawns can be promoted. All other pieces remain the same on reaching last rank.
  • Pawn promotion generally happens in the Endgame and rarely in the opening and middle game.
  • Mastering pawn promotion in the endgame requires practice. There are many nuances and tricks. This lesson will teach you the basics.
  • PASSED PAWN: A passed pawn is one which has no opposing pawns in front of it, either on the same file or any adjacent file. A passed pawn can be promoted easily unless stopped by pieces.
  • Passed pawns must be pushed. Passed pawns get stronger as they approach the queening square.
  • UNDERPROMOTION : Underpromotion is when a pawn does not promote to a queen, but promotes to a rook, bishop or knight, for tactical reasons. Underpromotion to a knight might create an immediate knight fork.
  • Pawns are precious in endgame , so don’t give up free pawns to your opponent unless you are getting some big advantage.




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