Chess coaching lesson – Skewer (Beginner level Chess tactic)

 The Skewer 

  • Skewer :  A skewer is similar to a pin except in this case the piece of greater value (for example, the King, Queen or Rook) is in front. An enemy piece attacks the piece and when this piece moves away, it leaves a piece of lesser value exposed to capture. In fact, a skewer is sometimes described as a “reverse pin”. Skewer can be done by a Queen , Rook and Bishop. Knights , pawns and kings do not have the ability to skewer.  The skewer occurs less often than the pin in actual play. When it does occur, however, it is often decisive. 
  • How to look for Skewers : Think of threatening a highly valued piece such as a queen or rook. Your opponent will likely move that piece and leave a free and open attack to a lesser-valued piece such as a bishop or knight.
  • Important TIP for Beginners :  ALWAYS SKEWER when the opportunity arises. To not skewer when you have the chance is just silly, unless you have a checkmate or some other bigger advantage.
  • Deadly Weapon : Skewer is a favorite tactic for many chess players. Skewers often lead to a win. Knowing how to utilize them will help you to improve your game. Your opponent will be forced into situations of either losing their highly valued piece or being placed in check. This gives you the advantage because you are now dictating the game and your opponent is simply trying to survive your advances.

How to win using The Skewer 

Skewer  is an important  tactic in Chess. You can use this weapon to get material advantage and eventually win the game. .


White has a passed pawn on the seventh rank ready to be promoted to Queen. However if he moves the Rook , Black will capture the pawn. White uses Skewer to get material advantage. White plays 1. Rh8! Now Black has to capture the a7 pawn or else allow pawn promotion.   1….Rxa7 2. Rh7+ (Skewer). Any move by Black king and White wins the Black Rook.


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WHITE TO PLAY AND WIN ( Hint : Material Advantage by SKEWER!)


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